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A space I prefer over real world…….

Who is this ‘Dreamer’

I, the Dreamer am a teacher not just by profession, but also by passion. I was into a very lucrative corporate job when one day suddenly I decided that I wish to work for my passion and teach underprivileged kids. Working in the education sector for more than 3 years, I began with teaching Mathematics and Language (Phonics, Reading, Comprehending, and waiting) in Teach for India school for 2 years, followed be Adult Literacy Centres where I loved coaching some elder students, some my age, some double my age.
Now, I am a stay at home mom, a big baby wearing enthusiast and love to wear my twin girls. I am today a very strong believer and advocate of Homeschooling. My now 18 month old girls happily agree to be my “Subjects” to practice my education skills and silly self made hypothesis & theories.


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